Jalapeno Peach Pepper Jelly

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Jalapeno Peach Pepper Jelly

Louisiana Lagniappe Foods Jalapeno Peach Pepper Jelly is everything you would want in a signature Southern favorite -- full flavor included! Jalapeno Peach Pepper Jelly is part classic pepper jelly combined with the taste of a homemade peach cobbler. The original flavor of pepper jelly with the perfect punch of flavor anyone can enjoy!

Here at Louisiana Lagniappe Foods we appreciate enjoyable flavor as much as heat in ever taste. We promise this classic Jalapeno Peach Pepper Jelly is anything but like any other. From toast and french bread to cream cheese and meat glazes, Louisiana Lagniappe Foods promises this gourmet Toasted Pecan Pepper Jelly is everything you would expect in a Certified Louisiana Product.  

  • fresh cut Jalapeno Pepper and Louisiana Peaches
  • full flavor in classic pepper jelly form 
  • gourmet Jalapeno Peach Pepper Jelly with the perfect amount of flavor and heat
  • delicious on cream cheese, meat glaze, sandwiches, vinaigrette, & more!
  • Certified Louisiana Product


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