Pepper Jelly

Louisiana Lagniappe Foods is immensely proud and dedicated to our unique Pepper Jelly selection. Pepper Jelly is a unique Louisiana product and a staple in Louisiana dishes to enhance the flavor. Of course, Louisiana Lagniappe Foods' Pepper Jelly is our widest variety of jellies simply because we can not stop thinking of mouthwatering signature flavors that your taste buds love. We believe in keeping tradition; therefore, each bite will assure of the full flavor found in peppers grown in Louisiana. 

Whether you are a lover of heat or an extremist, our Pepper Jellies are sure to satisfy. A little sweet with your heat sounds right? Try any of our pepper jellies including full fruit flavor as well, such as Jalapeno Peach Pepper Jelly, Strawberry Jalapeno Jam, Peach Mango Habanero, and many more. We have classic and Louisiana unique flavors including Crawfish Pepper Jelly, Mayhaw Pepper Jelly, and Toasted Pecan Pepper Jelly just for starters. Our unique selection of Pepper Jellies are delicious for any occasion whether it includes cream cheese, glaze or marinade for meat, BLT, and the list goes on!


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