Wine Jelly

Don't miss out on trying every single flavor of Louisiana Lagniappe Foods' Wine Jellies because they will bring out the wino in you! At Louisiana Lagniappe Foods, we work hard to ensure every bite of Wine Jelly will taste like your best glass yet.  A great glass of wine is defined by the full flavor and boldness in each sip, which is exactly how to describe our selection of Wine Jellies. 

After each savory taste, one must remember there is no bottle or glass around, but instead there is Louisiana Lagniappe Foods' authentic taste of the chosen wine jelly. These unique jellies are fitting and delicious on just about anything your taste buds curiously urge you to try.  The main difference between Louisiana Lagniappe Foods' Wine Jellies and the real bottle is you can simply enjoy the authentic, full flavored wine jellies without the alcohol content; therefore, eat, drink, and be merry in whatever is in front of you for the day, while still having your "wine fix" and a satisfied appetite. 

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