Carrot Cake Jam

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Carrot Cake Jam

To all those bakers with a sweet tooth and the everyday cake fanatic, set your sights and taste buds on Louisiana Lagniappe Foods' signature favorite with a twist -- drum roll -- Carrot Cake Jam. Yes, we took the best of Carrot Cake and created a deliciously tantalizing treat you will hardly be able to resist that extra scoop. Taste and savor pineapples, carrots, cinnamon & much more with every bite. Whether Carrot Cake is a personal favorite or a signature dessert enjoyed on occasion, Louisiana Lagniappe Foods created a one of a kind dessert in a jar with "a little something extra" plus some by expounding ingredients and qualities we can all enjoy...over and over. 

After initially enjoying, tasting, or absolutely savoring the deliciousness of fresh ingredients exploding, many argue with themselves whether to just eat the jam directly from the jar; however and as if you were not already listing in your head all the ways to enjoy this special jam, the list of foods to try with Louisiana Lagniappe Foods' Carrot Cake Jam is basically never ending. From waffles, bagels, biscuits, sandwiches, cream cheese, & oh so mouthwatering more!


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